Rochdale Inner Wheel Club

Rochdale Inner Wheel Club. Who are we?

President:   Nichola Helliwell

We are a women's group, part of a global organisation, which exists to promote friendship and to fund raise for national and international charities.  Because our fund raising for 2019/20 has been so curtailed by the pandemic, Nichola is having a second concurrent year as President.  She is continuing with her charity choices into 2020/21.  Nichola's chosen UK charity UK is Rochdale Soup Kitchen.  Her choice of overseas charity is Drumbeat Children's Foundation, Uganda which cares for orphans and vulnerable children and broken families in Uganda.









Contact Information

Inner Wheel Club of Rochdale

Meeting times

We meet every 4th Wednesday of the month for a meal followed by the formal meeting, including fund raising planning and often a speaker.     6.30pm for 7.00 pm for a meal then the meeting

During the Coronovirus lock down, we have suspended our regular meetings although we are experimenting with metings via Zoom.  But the club executive committee is meeting as usual, albeit on line. to discuss when and how we will start up again.  The book group has also moved on line temporarily and our monthly newsletter is still being produced to keep us all in touch.

Secretary  Lis Kay